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Have you got a specific challenge? Or a goal you’d like to achieve in business or life?


I create a safe space to share your ideas and help you drive them forward across a 6-session programme aimed at finding clarity and joy through personal development. 

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how does it work?


We have a brief discovery call to talk about why you feel coaching is right for you at this time and what you might like to achieve through coaching.


This is also a chance for you to get a flavour of my coaching style and to see if we’re a good fit for each other.


At the start of each session, I will ask what goal you’d like to achieve and we’ll return to it at the end of our session to evaluate the progress made towards it.


There is no pressure whatsoever to achieve anything, talking through your thoughts and feelings is the most important thing and I will guide you through the journey.


If you’d like to progress with the coaching programme, I’ll send you a short agreement before we begin our sessions.


I will also send you a few exercises to complete ahead of our first session to provide more context and clarity.


I will follow up each session via email with a brief overview of the actions identified and the agreed timescales to achieve them.

After our final session, we can discuss if you would like to continue coaching on a rolling monthly basis.


The 6-session programme costs £450.


The programme is entirely tailored to you and 50/50 payment plans are available.

Jordan’s expert methodology helped me to focus but retain flexibility, and ensured I got a lot more out of our sessions than I thought possible.


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