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IDEA AND getting it done

Transforming ideas into reality for creatives and charities

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Creative and engaging  content rules the online waves. I take time to know what you want and need to make people look, listen and think twice. Great ideas are made reality when they have strong foundations based in research and planning and I will become an extension of your team.


Have you got a specific challenge? Or a goal you’d like to achieve in business or life? I take your ideas and help you drive them forward across a 6-session programme targeted at finding clarity and joy through personal development. With a healthy dose of perspective for good measure!


Great ideas are made reality when they have strong foundations based in research and planning and I will become an extension of your team, guiding you towards success. We can chat all things marketing, business strategy, wellbeing and objective setting across one day.


Meagan Pope, Photographer

What Elephant is a saviour to any business. Investing in someone like Jordan is worth its weight in gold. She has the knowledge and understanding to move you to the next step and quickly too! If I had any advice to anyone in my shoes, it would be to take the plunge.

Rebecca Crookshank, Writer

What Elephant expands the artistic gaze and manifests an insightful digital vision and unique brand identity. A personal & collaborative service elevating the communication and operations side of my business to another level.

Trisha Forbes, NIMHAF Chair

Jordan has always been full of great, creative ideas for the online communication aspects of the Festival, as well as the strategy in broader terms. We wanted someone who was easy to communicate with and who was responsive as well. Jordan just ticked all of the boxes.

Maria Guy,
Creative Producer

Jordan just always knew the sort of vision and ideas I wanted. We always have very inspiring conversations that leave me feeling excited and refuelled. You really feel with her wealth of experience in not only work but life itself, comes out within her ideas and strategies.



Hiring an expert saves you precious time and resource to focus on what you want to. And time is money!

Your content will be of the highest quality, produced by a perfectionist with 10 years' experience in media and marketing

Access to a network of top creative freelancers ready to create bespoke content for you

Spending time on market research and having a tangible, actionable plan will make your business more effective

long-term, saving you time, money and resources

Your business will feel authentic and unique to you, based on your own values and goals

Increased revenue via targeted, research-based and specific content for your audience

Feel empowered with confidence in your brand, your strategy and your purpose

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