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digital strategy

Rebecca wanted to collaborate with a digital expert who could develop the aesthetic of her creative visions and sculpt a brand that suited her ongoing development as an artist. Rebecca was also transitioning from a career as a performer and wanted a digital home where her portfolio of work could be celebrated but where her focus as a writer would be at the forefront. I worked with Rebecca to boil down ideas and requests to deliver a strong online portfolio of work with ongoing support for projects. Her website now ranks highly with search engines as a result.


Talking with Jordan creates such an energised vibe of belief in future projects and the themes I am passionate and motivated by. There is a clear rigour and structure in her work and practice which really helps to boil down what an artist needs to share to build their profile and portfolio.


Jordan has the patience to collate all the ideas and come back to me with focussed and streamlined ways forward.

Feeling led by her is such a gift, it's hard as a freelancer to not be tempted to try and do it all, I think relinquishing control and finding a digital collaborator who understands your work is key for any creative career.

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