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digital strategy

NIMHAF wanted to host their 2020 festival online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This was a very last minute target due to naturally unexpected events!

I had been involved in previous years with the successful creation and development of the NIMHAF website and was always keen to contribute towards such an important event in Northern Ireland. I helped generate creative and achievable ideas for the online communication aspects of the festival, as well as the longer term strategy festival. 

I worked with the festival team to advise on their communications strategy and develop an online offering of streamed pre-recorded events and live social media streams across one jam packed week. I developed a website structure, creating an individual page for over 40 events.

The NIMHAF website was used as a platform to deliver the entire festival programme and has received positive feedback, not least because of its accessibility, but due largely to the efficacy of the website. It has been decided that as much of the Festival as possible will be delivered online from now on. 

I knew Jordan would have the wherewithal to be able to deal with these challenges, and would know how to effectively deliver the Festival from the online platform. She would be reassuring, as well as realistic.

Trisha Forbes, NIMHAF Chair

Jordan has always been full of great, creative ideas for the online communication aspects of the Festival, as well as the strategy in broader terms. Jordan just ticked all of the boxes.

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