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business strategy

After running a small business for over five years, Meagan was struggling with how to take it to the next step. She was ready to re-invent her brand but didn’t know where to start.


I helped Meagan rebrand her business marketing and refocus her strategy as she moved into a busy high street studio. We worked together to set up everything from health and safety procedures, interviewing and hiring staff, building a website, designing the studio, launching an open day, planning the best marketing strategies and a lot more across three intensive weeks.


After spending time getting to know Meagan and her business goals, I planned, and continue to help implement a workflow that has helped Meagan Sarah Photography become a thriving business.


If I had any advice to anyone in my shoes, it would be to take the plunge. You really can’t be “jack of all trades” in this fast pace world. You have to invest your money in someone like Jordan who can speedily develop your business and guide you. 

What Elephant is a saviour to any business big or small. Investing in someone like Jordan is worth its weight in gold. She has the knowledge and understanding to move you to the next step and quickly too!

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