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business strategy

Maria was developing her event series in London, The Blether. which provides a platform for inspiring, socially purposeful speakers on topics ranging from women's rights to crime. 


Although the nights themselves were well received on a small scale, Maria wanted to elevate and expand The Blether's reach and profitability. Maria came to me for creative collaboration, business insight and strategy to propel her vision forward. It was due to both my experience and honest, open way of working that Maria got in touch. We worked together to create a strategic approach to her event programming and marketing, which resulted in an increase in sales with a more targeted audience for each series.


Jordan has such a brilliant way of seeing things in a different light and always bounces ideas off me. We always have very inspiring conversations that leave me feeling excited and refuelled. Having a specific subject offered a much easier way of programming events and made the events more worthwhile, sustainable and well thought out.

Jordan always knew the sort of vision and ideas I wanted. You really feel with her wealth of experience in not only work but life itself, comes out within her ideas and strategies.

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