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production management

When David contacted me, he was about to shoot a short film series, How to Date a Magical Creature, with the hope of it being commissioned for a fully funded series. He needed someone with brilliant production skills and experience, and had been recommended to contact What Elephant to bounce ideas around with and to keep the production in budget and on time. 


Before working with What Elephant, David was experiencing challenges with logistics, crew and location sourcing. David entrusted me to focus on the logistical elements of production, allowing him to focus on the creative output. 

We worked together to produce a schedule, hire freelancers and actors, including stars of the musical phenomenon Showstoppers. Within one working day, we created a series of four short comedy films which were released on Valentine's Day 2020. An apt date you might say!


Thanks to What Elephant everything ran on time, on budget and the end result is great!

Jordan is the best asset anyone could ever ask for. She inspires others, she has only great ideas and she brings out the best in anyone around her.

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